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We want you to explore the world with us. Not sure where to go? We'll help you narrow it down.
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Come Travel With Me!

25 Jan Come Travel With Me!


Welcome to my travel blog! For years I have spent free time dreaming up amazing vacations, some of which I never book, and working through details of unique vacations. I finally decided to start publishing my finds instead of just texting and emailing my friends the trips we could take together.

My specialty is traveling on a budget. My friends laugh at me because I also like to “pretend fancy”. This basically means, I am super super cheap, but I still travel with class and find ways of upgrading our trips while still saving money.

I also love to find the places that no one else has heard of and maybe hasn’t been mentioned on yelp yet. A greasy breakfast diner in Albuquerque or a small French cafe in Boston. I want to be the one to discover these places and let others know.

I am not afraid to try something new or take risks for new experiences.

My parents always loved to travel. Growing up even if my brother and I did not go with them we knew they were out seeing the world. We even got to do a lot of travel. The first big trip I remember vividly was when I was 8 we went on a week-long cruise. My mother took us to Disney World a few times before we were 12. At 15 I went to Hawaii and then the next year I went on a school sponsored trip to Europe (this is the trip that changed my life). My senior year in high school I was so lucky to accompany my high school boyfriend and his family to China! All of these big trips were sprinkled with smaller trips. Road trips to Tennessee, Colorado or Georgia. My first solo flight was when I was 13. My dad walked me to the gate in Oklahoma and my mom met me on the other side. It was obviously before security changes, but I did it and loved feeling like an adult.

Growing up with travel being such a normal occurrence made it part of life for me. Even when I was in college and totally broke I still found ways to go to out of town football games or talk my friends into a weekend in Vegas. My best friend Rachel and I went on a 9 day trip in 2009.

Traveling the world is just what I do.

I want to share my experiences, ideas and the unique way I travel. We may just stay at Travel Inception and dream about vacations together. Hopefully I can inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and explore the world with me.

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