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All Catholics Need To Go To Rome in 2016

27 Jan All Catholics Need To Go To Rome in 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.27.11 PMCalling all Catholics! You need to plan a trip to Rome in 2016 before the end of November. Pope Francis declared this year to be an “extraordinary Holy Year” and is more commonly known as the Jubilee of Mercy. There has not been a Jubilee since 2000, so this is very important to the papacy.

The Jubilee will make visiting Rome different than non-Jubilee years. Accommodations will need to be booked farther in advance, and if you want to get an audience with the Pope you MUST get tickets far in advance. There are also many events planned for the Jubilee. You can see the official list here and get tickets from the official site.

If you plan to attend as a Pilgrim you must register. Without registering you will not be able to enter the Holy Doors of Saint Peter’s Basilica.

If you have ever thought about taking your children to Rome now is the time!

There is a specific jubilee for boys and girls. This is at the end of April and lasts for 3 days. Pilgrims who are registered will be able to hold confession at St. Peter’s and attend a youth rally. Here is Pope Francis’ message to young boys and girls about the Jubilee.

Remember, you must go before November 20, 2016. This is when the Holy Doors will close and the Jubilee ends.


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