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Lusting After This Travel Bag

28 Jan Lusting After This Travel Bag


Best travel bag

I have been shopping around online for a great travel bag and I found one I am totally lusting after. I have never bought anything from before, but they have some amazing choices of bags.

This Keystone State weekender bag is amazing. And 44 reviews agree with my assessment giving it 5 stars on the site. It comes in a whiskey with molasses colored accents. And isn’t the key enclosure the cutest?!

The keystone travel bag is only $70 and one reviewer even said she could fit a weeks of clothes in it! Someone else used it as a diaper bag. That tells me it will be easy to carry on the plane and I may even add some organizational compartments and make it my go to travel bag for kids trips too.

I wish I had more time to say why I love this bag, but I need to order it real quick (taking appropriate time to check out other cute things online) and then start dinner for the family.

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