10 Things to Know Before You Go To Lisbon - Lindsey Miller's Travel Inception
Lisbon seems exotic, but if you know a few things it is an easy choice to go to Lisbon.
Go to Lisbon
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10 Things to Know Before You Go To Lisbon

15 Feb 10 Things to Know Before You Go To Lisbon

Portugal seems like an exotic choice of destination, but if you know these 10 things about Lisbon it is also an easy choice.


  1. There is a direct flight to Lisbon from New Jersey. Say hello to easy 8 hours across the pond.


  2. Portugal is affordable, very affordable. As in: 3 bedroom apartment in a great

    Buying metro tickets

    Cory busy buying our metro tickets.

    neighborhood for $80/night. (Thank you AirBnb!!) 1 Euro for an espresso and wine aplenty.


  3. Public transportation is easy and cabs are cheap. Lisbon has a great metro/bus system, and trains connect to all major cities in and outside of the country.


  4. Cheese and bread in Lisbon

    Bring us all the cheese and bread you have!

    The Portuguese consider themselves (and I totally agree) masters of wine, pastries, olive oil, fish, cheese and tea. This adds up to a beautiful combination. I characterize Portuguese cuisine as rustic, but it is some of the best food I have ever had in my life. Take my advice and sign up for a cooking class with Cooking Lisbon and fall further in love with your decision to go to Lisbon.


  5. There are towns which are literally like walking in a fairytale. Sintra, right outside of Lisbon is a justifiable fairytale town. Castles. palaces, ivy on top of rock walls and winding streets. Want to pretend to be a princess? Go to Lisbon.


  6. Portuguese people are nice. Genuinely nice. They are helpful, sweet and just wonderful to be around. We were not just tourists in Portugal, we made friends. More times than I can count wonderful people picked up and played with our kids.


    This man fell in love with Lillian.

    This man fell in love with Lillian.

  7. In Portugal the beaches are magical. We went in October, so not during swimsuit season, but just seeing the coastlines and the waves that are created in Portugal are a site to behold.


  8. Canned fish is delicious. I am serious. Portuguese people take their fish seriously and they take their canned fish seriously. There are restaurants who cater to serving canned fish. You can catch people on lunch breaks eating

    Canned sardines please!

    I should have brought back a case of these canned sardines.

    straight from the can. They made me a believer. I brought back a case worth of canned fish and I am still rationing it out.


  9. Like a lot of places in Europe, cash is king. ATMs are plentiful around Portugal, but fees are also plentiful. Try bringing cash with you and spreading out your ATM usage.


  10. Learn some Portuguese. I used DuoLingo and it really helped me be able to identify many things as well as say pleasantries. Abacaxia Gin?? Yes please, I love pineapple! Thanks DuoLingo. Also, buy this book. Just Enough Portuguese stayed in my pocket and saved our lives more than once.


    Gorgeous tile work

    Watch out mom! You could slip and fall.

  11. The streets are gorgeous. Men and women go to school for years to learn how to make the sidewalks and streets in beautiful patterns. They are gorgeous and slippery! Those gorgeous little stones get a little wet and they are dangerous to someone not used to walking on them.


  12. You will walk, walk and walk some more. Lisbon is made up of seven hills. You will walk them all. Even when using public transportation as prolifically as we did, we walked our booties off.


We loved our month in Portugal. It was absolutely one of the best months of my entire life. I hope you get the chance to make your way to Lisbon and can experience the fantastic culture, food and people.

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