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Why You Should Travel During Shoulder Season

Shoulder season trees

17 Feb Why You Should Travel During Shoulder Season

Cape Cod CottageThree years ago Cory and I decided to take our first month long trip. We always wanted to explore the northeast side of the county and neither of us had been farther than New York City or Washington D.C., so it was time. We started researching Boston, Vermont and Maine. Cory being the prolific twitter user asked his friends where we should go.

One of Cory’s girlfriends, Amanda, immediately sent him a message demanding he go to Cape Cod during “shoulder season”. He (nor I) had ever heard the term shoulder season before. Amanda explained it is the off tourist peak, but before the weather turns all the way into a different season. For the northeastern part of our country this means cooler temperatures and leaves turning colors. This is also before snow and brown leaves.

The Beach in Sandwich, MA during shoulder season

The Beach in Sandwich, MA in September

Shoulder season in Cape Cod meant no beach bathing and swimming in the water. It also meant gorgeous fall colors everywhere, wonderful walks in beautiful neighborhoods and cool nights stargazing.

Shoulder season also means cheap prices. Cheaper flights and cheaper accommodations. It was our first time using Airbnb and being the cheapskate that I am I emailed all the properties that interested us. There were only 3 and they were all similar in size, amenities and location. I told them we would be staying for 2 weeks and could they offer discounts. Each of them took some off of the total and ultimately we chose to stay here:Cape Cod Cottage during shoulder season

It was a cute little cottage right on the beach. The hosts were very good, although we didn’t need anything. It was so small, but everything was perfectly organized. We rented this place for 2 weeks for about $1,000 (if memory serves me right). It was easily double that price during the summer!

We had such a fantastic time in Cape Cod for those 2 weeks. The restaurants were never crowded. We took Caloway, who was 9 months old at the time to the local library for story time. We took the train up the coast to Maine-which we loved so very much. Just because it was too cool for playing in the water did not mean we couldn’t play in the sand!Caloway in the sand Cape Cod

Basically this one trip solidified all of our travel plans, we would always do our big trips in shoulder season.

We spent October in Lisbon in 2015. this was considered their shoulder season. For 2016, we are thinking about going to Croatia in September. Saving money on flights and accommodations.

By choosing great destinations in what is considered to be an “off tourist” season you can save money without giving up any comforts.


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