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Traveling With Kids: Just Do It

Sightseeing with kids

17 Mar Traveling With Kids: Just Do It

It seems traveling with kids is a hot topic these days. A few Asian Airlines have put restrictions on kids under certain ages riding in specific rows or cabins. Some even offer passengers the choice to sit in “kid free zones” for extra fees. Even before I had children I would witness passengers giving dirty looks to those boarding with children. Groaning when they had to sit near babies or toddlers.

Don’t let fear get in your way of seeing the world with your children.

When I was first pregnant we thought we would never get to travel again. We were scared by how other people would react to us with a baby on our laps. We are 3 years into traveling with our kids and we have never looked back.

Do we get grumbles? Yes. Do we care? No.

Naked baby on airplane.

Things happen. So you get them naked and give them to grandma.

Our children have always been very well behaved on all of the flights, but they are babies, so things happen. Like my daughter’s gorgeous travel dress getting wet through her diaper 30 minutes into a flight.

Overall, we sit by really amazing human beings who have played with and smiled warmly at us. Immediately easing our fears of dealing with grumpy seat companions. People really are good. Our fear makes us think they will react poorly to our kids.

I have had one really bad experience.

We missed our connecting flight (which isn’t fun anyway) in New Jersey and got booked on a different flight that separating my husband and son from me and my daughter. She was only 9 months old and was therefore just on my lap. It was a 4 1/2 hour flight and we had planned it perfectly so she was hungry and tired. I just had to wait until we were in the air to maximize the napping time. I ended up in a middle seat in the middle of the plane. A man on my right was the most golden human being and was so gracious. The passengers in front of us would not quit playing peekaboo. Then a girl, probably around 28 years old sits on my left. She was immediately huffing and acting so rude. She would not speak to me when I said hello, and acted like my 9 month old daughter was the devil. My baby was busy playing with everyone around her and would turn to the girl and wave and she would lean away from us like we carried the plague. It was awful and was going to make for a very very long flight.

I just tried to focus on the wonderful people around us and ignore her as best I could.

Traveling with kids is easier with good snacks

Caloway lived like a king on the airplane.

My sons first flight was when he was 3 months old. He had his passport stamped when he was 1 1/2 years old. We even took him on a road trip starting in Oklahoma and ending in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Our kids have been to amazing places, places that my husband and I wanted to experience. Trips that we wanted to share with our kids.

Those experiences were better for us because we got to share them with our children. It is not always easy traveling with kids, but the payoff is worth the extra preparation and worry.


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