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How We Decided to Travel to Peru

11 Dec How We Decided to Travel to Peru

It all started in Wichita, Kansas.

Really! My husband, kids, mom and I just went on a stay-cation of sorts, 2 hours from our home in Oklahoma City to Wichita. First, why Wichita?

When my husband and I first met we were really into scootering. Yes, those scooters. We would put them on a trailer and go to cities close by and just discover new things together going 25


Lillian and I reading while waiting for breakfast.

mph. It was fun, romantic and everything else incredible for two young people in love. On one of these trips we were heading to Kansas City when we just didn’t feel like the drive and made an impromptu stop in Wichita, Kansas. We stayed in Old Town and just adored our stay.

Flash forward 6 years and we are stressed. Work, family life and the upcoming holidays, we needed a retreat. So Wichita came to the rescue again. We had a great time, room service and an indoor pool at the Hyatt gets us through these days as our scooters are retired.

As we were finishing our weekend we wanted to do our usual “end on a high note” system and went to a brunch at a little Peruvian place that was highly rated on Yelp. We were a little surprised to find the parking lot so bare when we got there since we expected a crowd.

We walked into the door of Gabby’s Peruvian Restaurant and saw 4 tables in a very small room. There were 5 of us and a woman made a table of people stand up so we could sit! I said, “oh that isn’t necessary” and she quickly laughed and said, “it is just my family, they can move.”

I knew we were in the right place.

She came over and welcomed us and said do we want to see a menu or just have the Peruvian Breakfast. One of the many reasons I love my husband is what came next.

He said, “No menu, I want that!”

A few minutes later we all had waters, coffee or hot tea. Conversations struck up with the man (Percy) eating his favorite pancakes. He says they make him just like he likes, very flavorful, but thin.


Soon our food started to arrive, plated perfectly. We had two Peruvian breakfasts which are Tamale, sweet potatoes and pork that is boiled and then grilled so it is tender.

Gabby's Peruvian Restaurant


The next dish…that I can’t remember the name of, sorry dear readers (my best guess was the Malaya Dorado). We ordered just because Gabby told us to…was almost like stew. With meat, onions and peppers that looked and tasted as if they had been simmering for days. It was served with bread straight from the oven, that my 3 year old devoured before the rest of us could have more than a few bites.


Basically the adults at the table oohed and aahed while the kids and Percy played. We had a wonderful conversation with Gabby, the owner and even are getting an invitation to their new location which is supposed to open sometime in January.

I am sure the new space is exciting and will provide much more space so more people can experience this wonderful place and the kindness of Gabby, but I feel very special

that my family and I got to eat at this location. It really felt like we were in Gabby’s home for the morning.

She even surprised us with some samples of her Chicha Marada. A drink made from purple corn mixed with pineapple, cinnamon, clove, sugar and other spices.

Just that morning we were talking about our next adventure trip. We had it narrowed down to Greenland or Ecuador. I am happy to report that after this one meal we are seriously considering putting Peru at the top of the list for 2018 travel.


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